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SIDO - The Italian Society of Orthodontics

A non-profit scientific association based in Milan, was founded in 1968. The mission of SIDO is to provide continuing education and support to its members, to be an advisor and consultant on Orthodontic issues and guidelines at the EU, at the Italian Ministry of Health and Education and at the governmental agencies both centrally and locally, to support regional and local programs and campaigns of orthodontic screening of the population as well as orthodontic care to disadvantaged children.

SIDO has become the only Italian Orthodontic Society to be acknowledged legal status by the Ministry of Public Health. SIDO is a national CE provider acknowledged by the Ministry of Health. Becoming an Active Member of SIDO is a journey. The journey to become an Active Member includes a model display and active participation to the scientific activities of SIDO. The Bylaws of SIDO only allow Specialists to be active members of the Italian Society of Orthodontics.

In 1999 the Italian Board of Orthodontics has been founded by SIDO and international scientific committees have guided SIDO and IBO through the years to achieve international standards and recognition.
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SIDO was founded prior to the opening of the first Specialty School of Orthodontics in Italy in 1976. All the Directors and Chairs of the Postgraduate Programs in Orthodontics are SIDO members. They actively participate in the life of the Society and they have an active role on the SIDO Council together with private practitioners. Through this strong link the Italian Society of Orthodontics sponsors the Orthodontic Postgraduate Day at the Collegio dei Docenti, the annual meeting of Dental and Postgraduate Italian Academics.

SIDO is also well known as an open window to Orthodontics for those showing an interest in joining the Orthodontic profession, are professionally exposed to or occasionally or have a limited involvement in Orthodontics. SIDO is a founder of FEO (Federatio Europea Ortodontica) and MOIP (Mediterranean Orthodontics Integration Project). It maintains a strong leading position in promoting Orthodontics in Europe and the Mediterranean area. SIDO continues to act as main office of the MOIP for logistic support.

Publishing Area

Progress in Orthodontics (PiO)
Editor in chief is Professor Ravindra Nanda.
European Journal of Clinical Orthodontics (EJCO) www.ejco-journal.org

National Awards:

Author/Authors Year
A.Carano 1991
C.Verna 1995
I.Tollaro 1996
H.Paulsen/clinica, A.Meo/ricerca, D.Giunta/ricerca 1999
D.Fraticelli 2000
R.Saggese 2004
C.Poggio 2005
C.Luzi, C.Verna, Melsen/ Ortodonzia Clinica, E. Maffia, G. Alberti/Biotecnologia dei materiali 2006
G.Perinetti 2010
Lecture in memory of Tiziano Baccetti: S.Peck 2012
Lecture in memory of Tiziano Baccetti: J.McNamara 2014
Lecture in memory of Tiziano Baccetti: R.Behrents 2016
Lecture in memory of Tiziano Baccetti: K.Vig 2018

World Awards:

Author/Authors Year
S.Linder-Aronson 1987
C.Engstrom 1989
J.O. Andreasen 1991
B. Solow 1993
L.E. Johnston 1995
S. Ruf 1997
A.A. Gianelly and B. Melsen 1999
B.U. Zachrisson 2001
B. Thilander 2003
A.M. Kuijpers-Jagtman (Memorial C.Luzi) 2004
L.Johnston (Memorial C.Luzi) 2005
J.McNamara 2007
Dr. Jeffrey P. Okeson (XIII SIDO World Award) 2013
Ravindra Nanda (XIV SIDO World Award) 2015
Franco Magni (XV SIDO World Award) 2017
Damaso Caprioglio (XVI SIDO World Award) 2019