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Ever since SIDO was founded, some Members have dedicated and are still enthusiastically dedicating some of their time to Solidarity. To us the time has come for these drops to be transformed from small trickles into a stream and, why not, into a river that flows with vigour and continuity!

Helping a child during his growth, dealing with any decayed teeth and resolving orthodontic needs of each individual case, is an act of deep love for others. The clinical commitment that SIDO asks from its Members is not, however, limited to the free services provided, but it means that children can be welcomed in our Offices, in our Hospital and in our University Department with the other children already undergoing treatment, but free of charge: this will make him feel equal to the others in substance and in hospitality.

I realize that what we are asking for is a concrete and articulated commitment and the participation must be shared by the doctor and his team, including secretaries, assistants, collaborators and dental technicians.

I can truly guarantee that if you clinically adopt a child, with conviction and determination, you wil all experience a joy that will fill your heart as you realize that you have helped a vulnerable human being to grow in the best possible way and builded a smile with him and for him..

A child in need in an unhappy child: let’s care for ..his smile… his future.


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